Friday, June 30, 2006

He's a bird, he's a plane..,

Apparently, he is not superman. Peter attempted flight from the top of a five foot ladder in the new kitchen this afternoon. To the great disappointment of his children and nephews, he can't fly. I was outside and the ladder collapsed under Peter. He was drilling some holes for the electrical work. Jason (the electrician) and Alexis heard him yelling for help. On the way down, his right foot was tangled in the ladder. He thought it was broken. When I arrived on the scene, the guys were removing a shoe from a very pale Peter layed out on the floor. He is keeping it iced and up. We are hoping it is not broken.

We are scheduled to leave for Birmingham in the morning to visit the Maynors. It looks like the trip will be a nice workout for me, since he can't even walk. Only an hour ago did he mention that the very sharp drill stayed in the hole and thankfully did not pierce his head during or after the fall. We have enough piercing in the family. The most disappointing thing is that Lillian and I had this great idea for a superhero party for his birthday in August. Now, it seems like it might be a bit awkard, since he can't fly and all. Lillian thinks a Diego party would be a good back-up. Diego is Dora's cousin.


tirzah said...

Good luck on the travel. I know it will be a good time.

Matthew said...

post some updated pictures of that kitchen when you get a chance Mel, and Pete, be careful man, and grab that ridiculous spaghetti noodle next time you are on a ladder in the kitchen.