Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Under the knife

Tomorrow, I go under the knife to have all four wisdom teeth removed. I have put this off as long as possible. They say it will only take about 45 minutes. It is hard to believe that something that has caused me years of anxiety would be over so quickly. I told Peter I would rather have another baby (birth not raise, mind you, another baby) than have them removed.
Lillian did a little practice removal of them, today. She put on her doctor gloves and coat.

L: Lay back, mama. I am the dentist. Open your mouth. Now, DON'T BITE ME.

I did. I wouldn't mind some prayers, tomorrow, if you think about it. I am super nervous. Hopefully, the surgeon will be more qualified than Lillian. Peter is in charge of the family for the next few days. He could probably use some prayer, too. I am sure many of you remember when I had the flu and he was in charge.

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tirzah said...

I hope you come out just fine M. I really coudnt call Peter to help him this weekend so I'll be prayin.TR