Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A ride in the country..

Well, we got a new-to-us volvo V70. We think it rocks! I woke up from my wisdom removal haze, put the kids in the volvo and drove to Zachary, solo. Peter busted out the kitchen. We are rehabbing it this summer. My family let me take naps and fed me Blue Bell ice cream until I felt a little better. We had a great time in the country. We mainly ate, visited and played. We spent the day driving back counting water towers between Zachary and St. Louis. 29. We did a very happy dance in the car when we saw the "Big Frown". This is what Lillian calls the Arch. Good to be gone. Good to be back. So we are accepting invitations to dinner and to stay with most anyone this summer. Our house looks to be a bit like camping. We ate the first of many PB&Js tonight. More later.

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