Monday, April 17, 2006

Heart stopper!

During "naptime" ,today, Lillian talked in her room for a while. After about an hour, there was silence. I figured she went to sleep (Oh, ya!). At 4:15 pm she was still not awake. I figured I should wake her up, so she would go back to bed tonight. I walked in her room, which was a complete disaster. Stuff was everywhere. I didn't see her in her bed. I didn't see her on the floor. I looked everywhere. No Lillian. I don't know if all moms do this or just me, but I went to the next reasonable conclusion. She must have climbed, jumped, fallen out of the window. OH MY GOSH, I killed Lillian. I should never have opened the window a little to let cool air in. She has brillantly figured out how to lift the screen and now I have killed her. I was getting choked up and was walking toward the window. I heard a noise from her closet. I peaked in and she was curled up in a ball sound asleep. After my heart started again, I ran to get the camera. I woke her up taking her picture.

M: Lillian, I couldn't find you and I thought you fell out of the window or something. You scared me!
L: No, mama. I just decided to take my nap in the closet, today.

See the flickr link to the left for proof of this and Easter photos.

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Genna said...

That is terrifying! And funny! Abby did that to me once; she made her way to the floor next to her daddy's side of the bed.