Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Sick, again!

I haven't blogged much, lately. I don't have anything too fun to report. I think I neglected to mention that we all had another bout with the stomach flu for about 48 hours the weekend before last. And the kids are sick, again. They both have some sort of cold. Lillian has had fever in the 104 degree range since Saturday. The highest being 105.3. Thankfully, we had already talked to the nurse before the 105.3 or I would have taken her to the ER totally convinced that her brain was frying. Grayson has gotten it in the last couple of days. He hasn't had a very high fever. It is really sad to see them sick. I find that I am really missing Lillian talking non-stop. She has said very little in the last few days.

Last night, about 3 a.m. she woke up with a lot of ear pain and a high fever. Her first earache. Did I mention that since birth giving Lillian medicine is a terrible experience for all involved? She throws up. She hates medicine and has to be held down. It is at least a two man job. She puked all over Peter the other night. Well, after the ear complaint we went to the doctor this morning. She has her first ear infection. Grayson just has a bad cold. The doctor and I discussed the medication difficulty. She recommended a shot. Well, it was two shots at the same time with one in each cheek. She neglected to mention that it must hurt like holy hell because Lillian freaked out. (Remember this is the kid that never cried during stitches.) She was screaming and crying for about 15 minutes. She cried most of the way home and I had to carry her to bed because she said it hurt to walk. I felt terrible and did what all good mothers do. I took her through the McDonald's drive thru for a strawberry milkshake. I have never done that, but I think it made us both feel a little better. In hind sight, I should have gotten myself one, too. I was pretty traumatized. The worst part about the shot thing is that we have to go back tomorrow for an ear check. If it isn't better, she has to have two more. This could go on for up to three days in a row. Please pray that this works and that it is better, tomorrow. She has never had antibiotics before, so I am praying they are really effective. I will keep you posted.


A&A Maynor said...

We will be praying for Lillian to get better and not have to have the shots, for G-Man to get better too, and for you and Peter to get some much needed rest.
-uncle A

Anonymous said...

We will be praying, too. Bless her heart and yours too. Brian used to get bad ear aches but could take medicines.