Monday, February 13, 2006


We have had a lot of that going on here. The kids are both sick. One out of one end and one out of the other. At least they are mixing it up for me. Last night we all felt great and went over to Barbara Hauser's (Susan's mom) for a Valentine's day party. The kids decorated cookies and played. We ordered dinner. Lillian complained of her stomach, but with all the icing she ate who wouldn't? We put her to bed. Thirty minutes later. Crying. She had ralphed on the white comforter cover. We cleaned her up and put her back down. We were discussing whether or not it was just the icing when we heard something. It was Lillian standing about halfway down the stairs puking everywhere on, you guessed it, white carpet. Pink icing. Not a pretty picture. This answered the question: stomach flu. NICE! We were in for many more hours of that all the way home from Barabara's and most of the night. Grayson woke up with a dreadful diaper and puke all over him. Poor kid. Until yesterday, I think my kids had puked twice in their combined lives. We have made up for lost time and I think Peter and I are officially parents. It is amazing what you will do for your kids. In the shower, I was questioning why I didn't become a doctor (my childhood dream). I thought I had a weak stomach. Not so, my friend. I was fantisizing about my return to medical school, after the kids start school. Then the poor Biology grades came flooding back. I mean seriously, who wants to deal with malpractice insurance, when you are practically a doctor at home for free. Hopefully, Peter and I will not fall to the stomach flu. I'll keep you posted. I am comforting myself with the thought of all the money I will save on not having to purchase an expensive colon cleanse.


Genna said...

We're with you, Maynors. Abby just got over the flu (and gave it to me). She's got a very sensitive gag reflex, so we've had more than our share of ralphing to deal with over the last 4 years. I hope you guys stay well. Matthew has so far avoided getting sick. The bright side: All of our kids will have gotten over this mess before we get to see eachother in Spring.

A&A Maynor said...

Hey Mel,
Dont know if I could deal with all that "ralphing" stuff. I am very excited about ONE DAY having kids, but with stories like that I can wait. Thanks for telling the not-so-pleasant stuff too. Puts my head back into the real world. Seriously, Amanda and I will be praying. We are getting over the flu. (Not the stomach kind.)