Thursday, January 12, 2006

I am Woman!!

We have had some technical difficulties of late. The volvo is in the shop. Washed the cell phone. Computer virus. etc. This morning I drove the truck to run a couple of errands while Peter was home with the kids. I don't drive it much, but pride myself on my abilities. I frequently tell myself that I am a cattle farmer's daughter from Louisiana, of course, I can drive a truck. I am woman hear me ROAR! I was enjoying toolin' around doing the errands with the window down (It is 60 degrees here, today.) listening to non-kid tunes. A couple of stops went fine. When I got back in from the grocery store. I keep trying to start it. I am doing the little speech in my head. I am woman hear me kill it seven times in a row. I am woman honk at me because I am blocking traffic. A nice man in a suit walked up to the window.
NM: Miss do you need some help?
M: Apparently.
NM: What seems to be the problem?
M: I think it may be an idoit driver problem.
NM: What is happening?
M: I keep starting it and killing it.
NM: You may be right. Why don't I push you back into the parking space and you give the car a break. Maybe call your husband.
We did that and I attempted to call Peter from the pay phone. (Not super happy with the washing of the cell phone, right now.) No answer. (Screener) Back to the truck. Started it the first time and made it home. I hope these little stories make you feel better about yourselves. At the end of all that, I may change the little speech to "I am woman hear me purr."

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