Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Dogs and Dawgs

Some of you may remember a brief phase in my life, when I had a dog. A husky. Not the best apartment dog. She went to live with a big family on a farm shortly after Peter and I got married. Well, I have been thinking about dogs, lately. When you are thinking about getting a dog people are full of advise and warnings..... They shed. Never feed them from the table or they will always beg. You have to walk them. Oh, the vet bills. Don't let them on the furniture. etc., etc. I have been thinking that a lot of that advise applies to my dawgs (Lillian and Grayson). I wish someone had told me never to feed them off your plate. Lillian eats half of my food and Grayson is now begging for the other half. I am consoling myself with the thought that at least it is cheaper than Weight Watchers. And frankly, you might as well call it shedding or crumbing. You have to vaccuum behind them many times a day. The doctor bills. They really should be walked every day to get some wiggles out. And really should never let them on the furniture. (Exhibit #1: My couch.) So I'm thinkin'. I might as well get a dog, now. Maybe the dog with help with the crumb problem.


Genna said...

Brave, brave woman. We bought Abby two goldfish from Wal Mart last night, and I'm already stressed about keeping the tank clean! Dogs do a great job of vaccuming up crumbs, though.

A&A Maynor said...

I have been waiting for this day for 3.5 years now! Does this mean I can show up on your door step with a puppy for my niece and nephew? :)
You can relax, just kidding.
-Uncle Andy

Hunna said...

Melanie, don't let anyone fool you, the hair shed from a dog is much worse than crumbs on the floor. We have enjoyed Kita and Molly but won't get another one when they are gone. We have developed a good system though.
Love, mh