Thursday, December 08, 2005

Tag Team

I think the kids are starting to gang up on me. I overheard this conversation while I was fixing my coffee this morning.

L: Okay G, here is the plan for the day. I want some treats, so you need to create a distraction. Make it good because I have to get a stool and climb on the counter to get the Christmas cookies.
G: I know, I'll act like I'm gonna bite an electric cord. That gets her every time. I hate it when she is too slow, though. I get zapped! We better let her finish her coffee.
L: Don't worry man, it's worth it. I'll hook you up with some cheerios or something for your trouble. That covers the morning. You better take your nap because we are pulling out all the stops this afternoon.
G: Yeah, let's try to make her cry or call Daddy and freak out.
L: I know! I won't take a nap. I'll trash my room and that will wake you up. We will both start screaming bloody murder. That makes her cry everytime.
G: Then we will run the "tear off the bows open the presents" play and score some more Christmas cookies.
L: Okay, hundle up.
L/G: One, two, three, TEAM!!

My life is over! I hope Santa brings me a babysitter.

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