Saturday, December 31, 2005

It's a Boy!

Big news in the Maynor household! We have a new addition. His name is Joshua. He is a two and a half year old boy who sometimes presents as a pink monster. I suppose we have adopted him because he has no parents and arrived at some point about six or seven weeks ago from Tampa, FL. Peter and I had nothing to do with the decision to become a five person family rather than four. Joshua is Lillian's imaginary friend. And truth be told, we might as well have another kid. We are always having to keep up with Joshua. We regularly have to go back in the house for him or stop to put his seatbelt on. Lillian walks around holdling his hand. While we were in Zachary, I had to take him to the "ER". About eight hours in to the trip down to Louisiana, Lillian freaks out and says we forgot Joshua. Melissa and I told her we packed him in the front seat and she just couldn't see him. :) Lillian would have none of that. Finally, he showed up. I guess he was hiding. He likes to do that. Anyway, Joshua has won our hearts. He seems pretty lovable in a sneaky sort of way.

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