Thursday, October 06, 2005

A guy thing

Yesterday, I introduced broccoli to Grayson. This is steamed broccoli that is pureed. No seasoning. Everything else he has tried, he clearly loved. First bite of broccoli and here is the conversation I imagined us having.
G: Are you kidding me? This stuff is disgusting. Would you eat this?
M: No way, it needs some seasoning or something.
G: This is the worst thing I have every tasted!
(And then his facial expressed changed, as if to say, "This is terrible, but I'm hungry. I guess I'll just eat it.")
He ate it all and I found myself thinking about how guys will eat a whole bunch of something that isn't that good just because they are hungry. I am not sure whether this is noble or stupid. I am glad he ate the broccoli without a fight. Maybe having a boy isn't so scary after all.

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