Tuesday, August 23, 2005

First Haircut

First Haircut, originally uploaded by Melanie Maynor.

Lillian got her first major haircut at the ER, tonight. She stood on the radiator to get a balloon off the ceiling in her room and fell. That is her story. I didn't see it happen. She came running in the living room crying. I saw a bunch of blood and couldn't hold her still. Peter was at work, so our neighbor (Alexis) helped assess the damage. Definitely, stitches. He and Jeff (his roommate) took us to the ER. (me, Lillian and Grayson)

I left Peter a message at work. It all went fairly quickly (by quickly I mean within 3 or 4 hours we were finished). Lillian never cried after the initial fall. She thought the whole thing was pretty cool. She liked getting her head shaved a little with the electric razor like daddy's. She was perfectly still while they gave her shots and stitched her up. She was watching a video and just talking to us. The doctor could not believe it. He kept saying to the resident that this was abnormal behavior. "It is never this easy." I was really thankful it was so easy, since I was there with both kids by myself. Peter called the cell during the stitches and the nurse told him what was going on. After it was all said and done, Peter arrived. He couldn't believe that we did all of that by ourselves. He brought Lillian a lollipop which she thought was super cool. I think when kids get lollipops for being tough, it is usually the mama who needs a lollipop. I guess he owes me one.

So, three stitches. This is the second time she has gotten stitches. We were there last August. I thought girls weren't supposed to do this kind of stuff. She is really tough and I discovered I am tougher than I thought I was. I guess you do what you have to do. I didn't shed any tears either, until we were home and she was in bed.

We stopped by Alexis' house to tell him thanks and show him the super cool stitches. He talked to Lillian. He walked in. I said, "He is a good neighbor." Lillian said, "He is a good man, mama. And a big one." I love being a mama.

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Genna said...

Geez, Lillian! We're so glad that you are alright. Abby was glad to see your picture, but was expecting to see the actual owie. Melanie, way to hang in there. I did the same thing to my mom when I was a kid, only I did it jumping off a couch. You are earning your stripes, to be sure.