Monday, July 11, 2005

Scotch Guard

Some days I wonder if I should just scotch guard myself in the morning and put plastic covers on all of our stuff. In an effort to save my newly recovered dining room chairs, Lillian peed on me this morning. Grayson spit up on me at least twice. Lillian and I sat on the porch eating watermelon with some neighbors this afternoon and watched the rain. She put her watermelon hands on my arm, legs and smeared some on the back of my white shirt. (FYI-If you have two little children, NEVER wear white!) While sitting on the porch with Lillian for her dinner, I sat in a wet seat from the rain. She poured a cup of water on me during her bath. Oddly, we had a wonderful day. It was kind of fun to watch the rain and hang out. We read books and played with puppets. Grayson is seriously close to rolling over and we worked on that. Lillian is supposed to start swimming lessons tomorrow, if it does not rain. Well, I am off to take a shower now that the kids are in bed. I need a second one today!


David said...


I love it! I read the entire blog in one sitting! It's practically the best of both worlds for me. I love getting e-mail and am quite good at reading it, but suck at replying, to say nothing of actually initiating an e-mail. Anyway, thanks for letting me see lily and gray.

Marianna said...

Considering I just got done stripping off my own white t-shirt and spraying it liberally with SHOUT! to hopefully dull today's cantaloupe/taco sauce/graham cracker/apple juice stains... I'm thinking this is a pretty good plan. Scotch guard the clothes. Hmmmm....