Monday, July 25, 2005

Little Moments

We had some good moments over the weekend.

Being a good St. Louisan Lillian looked out of Uncle Brian and Aunt Susan's window and saw a cardinal. She said, "Look, a baseball bird." Go Cards!!!

Today, Lillian woke up from her nap.

L: Do you have dry panties mama?
M: Yes
L: Good you can have a popsicle with me.

This is supposed to be a treat for waking up with a dry pull-up. I guess she figured as long as somebody has dry underwear.

Grayson rolled over about four times in a row this afternoon. All from belly to back. He tried really hard to go from back to belly. He will surely get it soon. He is super cute and snuggly. He is also a thumb sucker. He usually favors his left like his sister, but the right will do in a pinch. Aunt Mellie says the left is much better than the right. When I found out I was pregnant with Grayson I put in a request for another thumbsucker. I am rather scattered and keeping up with a pacifer would never work. You always have your thumb. The downfall is that you can't make someone suck his/her thumb when you want them to. Don't think I haven't attempted this many times. I am sure that it will be difficult to break the habit, but for now it is wonderful.

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David said...

Couldn't you get a pacifier that is made in the form of a thumb? I'll bet you could make a baby suck on that? Of course, you're still going to have problems keeping track of it... I'll let you know if I come up with anything for that one.